Amazing JULY 2018 Vuitton Purchases!

  1. Share with us your beautiful Vuitton treasures purchased in July 2018! Don’t forget to include many delicious pictures!! :heart: Thank you for spending your time with us on TPF!!!
  2. BA82DEC3-0016-486B-82C9-84952B3EDCD4.jpeg
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  3. I can't wait to see everyone's July additions :smile:
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  4. Lots of really cool collections coming out this month!
  5. I’m excited!!! Nothing for me this month, so I will be living vicariously through you ladies!
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  6. That's me most months of the year... just drooling over everyone's purchases!
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  7. OMG! Can’t believe it’s July and half way thru the year already. Yes, can’t wait to see everyone’s purchases!
  8. Summer is almost over!! :lol::panic:
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  9. 852013FF-BCAC-4487-8E46-6CF59D1EB9EE.jpeg
    I bought this as a gift for my mom. A little extra surprise after her birthday. She loves Mille Feux! Happy July!
  10. Gorgeous. :heart:

    Can't wait to see more goodies this month.
  11. HAha! I get that!
  12. Where are the July shoppers??
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  13. I'll be in London when the pop-up opens this week, so maybe I'll add something!
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  14. I can't wait to see what you pick up!
  15. Never had the chance to take a picture and post, but now could be a good time to help fill in the thread !!!
    Technically bought it in may....
    First step into the Men's line, and I love it !!
    Zippy coin purse vertical IMG_5991.jpg