AMAZING Juicy Couture Deals at Neiman's Sale Online!

  1. Wow! I just got the Holiday Tree velour hoodie and pants + flower velour pants for $217 shipped free with code ONEDAY. Amazing! Thanks so much for posting while there are still lots of sizes left.
  2. thanks!
  3. :yahoo: I'm glad other people are scoring too! I just got a plain tracksuit in grape purple... it's the color of royalty right? :cool: :queen: :supacool:
  4. There are so many things I want! But if I run up my Neiman's CC bill, the interest is ridiculous :s I need to restrain myself from the sequined jersey dresses!!!
  5. I was so tempted to buy, but they didn't have the right sizes in the ones I wanted. I guess thats a good thing for my CC.
  6. boo most of the tracksuits are gone (unless you wear a 0 petite). I wish I had found this thread sooner!
  7. I just got a pair of velour pants for $37.20 total, plus free shipping. Thanks! I wish they had more in XS left.
  8. ohhhh the royal purple hoodie just popped up in my size and I grabbed it! $47!!! thanks for posting this!
  9. I cleaned up on Juicy stuff big time. Of all the sites NM has the best prices. I also picked up a velor tracksuit for under $80!!
  10. Woohoo, I just ordered the Winter Charm Bracelet and used code WELCOME for free S&H. Too bad no complete velour track suits available.
  11. I know this isn't NM related, but for anyone still looking for juicy sets, they have some on There is an additional 20% off with the code thepurseforum and free shipping for purchases over $75. I know this was posted on another thread, but just wanted to let anyone who didn't know about it.
  12. God, I wish I did wear a 0.