Amazing !! I think Both Paris & Nicole Look Great Here !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Paris looks great, but (IMO), Nicole looks like that stylist she fired, Rachel Zoe.
  3. They look great..

  4. I was thinking the exact same thing about Nicole! Paris looks good...very tanned.
  5. i think Nicole looks gorgeous and Paris looks nice but i think the hair is wrong.. looks overprocessed and a little too fakey blonde combined with her tan IMO. Love them both always though :smile:
  6. Paris looks good. Nicole is looking better lately but I still think she could add a few more pounds for a healthier look. JMO.
  7. Nice legs, Paris.
  8. They look fabulous!
  9. Finally looking like the girls they can afford to be! ('tis a compliment ;))
  10. i think paris looks better than nicole. there's just something about what nicole is wearing that i'm not liking, except the color.
  11. They look OK, Nicole still looks anorectic.
  12. paris looks great, nicole hm... i always kinda doubt her "personal" style. honestly, i think she'll better go back with rachel zoe.
  13. wow! they do look great! :supacool:
  14. Paris looks okay but Nicole is WAY TOO THIN!
  15. i thought so too. her legs are way too skinny. paris looks great tho