Amazing heels!

  1. Love them or hate them I think you have to admit my new pumps have amazing heels?
    amazing heels.jpg amazing heels back.JPG
  2. wow! Those look sooo high!
    Who makes them?
  3. There isn't a cobblestone street in the world that could hurt those babies. I'd love to see you wearing them Andrea.:tup:

    Stinas, they are made by Gianmarco Lorenzi.
  4. They look very 80s stripper.
  5. Those are hot!
  6. I think they are so unique! I am a real sucker for any high heels though.
    would like love to see some pictures of them in action.
  7. Love them....where were they purchased???
  8. Love!!!
  9. Hmmm - thats funny...I don't remember seeing any strippers in Italian Couture Pumps. Guess you're not looking at them very closely.
  10. Hey, the 80's are coming back so she's right on trend. ;)

    I love these. Those heels are smokin!
  11. Those are hot but I'd probably like them better if the heel tapered more and wasn't just skinny all the way up, if that makes sense. still like them though.

    and I've sure never seen any strippers wearing anything close to those.
  12. I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!! I would put them on display somewhere! AND, those pics would make a great avatar!!
  13. Ohh I like those! Lets see them in action!!
  14. Wow, those heels are awesome! :nuts:
  15. OMG!! How can you walk on that heel???