amazing gucci bags

  1. on bluefly NOW!
  2. thanks for the heads up!
  3. yay, i just got this one for only $436 (i used the 15% off code)! plus i used ****** so that's another 4% back! anyone have this one?

  4. WOW! Nice bag. Is the coupon code available to everyone or just repeated customers? Where did you get it, may I ask?
  5. congrats on the new bag, sandy!
  6. congrats on your new bag. I love it
  7. I actually got the coupon code from the deals and steals forum. It's MISSEDYOU112. I'm not sure if it works for repeat customers and new customers but you should try it out!
  8. Thanks Sandywu! Enjoy your new purse and post pictures when you get it.
  9. I wish a small Pelham would pop up!!!

  10. Me too!!!! I love the Pelham
  11. I missed this one :crybaby: It's TDF!


    But I'm getting two wallets :yahoo: one for my mom as mother's day gift, and one for myself as.... Easter gift!
  12. I got this one for $381 with the 15% off code.
  13. wow, that's an awesome deal! very cute purse! congrats! take pics when you get it!
  14. I was just looking at the Gucci inventory on Bluefly. Wowza! Some seriously nice stuff today. Pity I'm broke! :crybaby:
  15. Congrats! Very classy.