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Sep 30, 2013
Hi,I am totally a newbie to LV,but like what I like,so last week purchased from a auction site a MM Pomme D'Amour Vernis Alma.Loads of photos shown on listing,bag arrived first impression gorgeous,checked out how to spot a fake sites,compared mine to authenticated bags it looked good,double stitching,not too deep monogram imprint in leather,metal ware clear stamping,just one remark on one of the spot a fake sites put a doubt in my head,simply the keys on the bag where on a ring and not directly tied onto the leather plouchette this it said could be a sign it was fake.I decided to get it authenticated and you guessed it,it was a fake.I have asked the authenticator to tell me what the giveaway signs were,but I know sometimes they don't want to do this in case it gives the information to the fakers,but I genuinely didn't realise fakes could have this much detail on them.I have checked on the auction site just now and there are several bags that look identical to mine...fake...being sold from £950 to £1500.Anyone got any tips of what to look for / avoid when looking for a preowned Alma Vernis prior to getting it authenticated.Needless to say I am gutted I thought I had purchased the bag of my dreams.


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Apr 19, 2006
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If you had read the "how to spot fakes" webpages, there is not much more to do than to compare listings for the same item and check every detail.

Best to get things authenticated here or with a professional authenticator before buying.

We do not list in detail what makes an item counterfeit.

Good luck to you!
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