Amazing Experience!

Oct 30, 2008
So I must tell you ALL about my amazing (and first) LV experience today! I know some SA's get a bad rep but mine was amazing!
His name is Shawn and he is at the Somerset mall in Troy, MI. It was my first time in an LV store and after reading reviews on here I was scared no SA would want to help me. At first no one said hi so I just grabbed the bag I wanted to see and a few moments later a nice gentlemen walked up and asked how I was doing and if I liked the 30 compared to the 25 (damier azur speedy). I told him I have a mono 25 but it was too small. He asked me about my lifestyle, what I do, ect. He then recommended the neverfull and showed me all the different sizes. I told him it was a big purchase for me so I was going to go eat some dinner and decide which one I really wanted.
I came back after dinner and looked around a little more and he came up to me after 10minutes and asked if I had changed my mind to a roses piece or between the other two. I told him I had decided on the neverfull medium and he showed me it and then wrapped her up!
I just felt everyone should know how great of an SA he is and if you're shopping anywhere around Detroit I'm sure he would love your business! I'm even calling him tomorrow to order another bag, then it's ban time!
Sorry so long just has to brag about my amazing time at the LV store!:yahoo:


Oskar Waltz
May 8, 2007
Its always nice to hear good things about SAs. Your right they do get a bad rap here sometimes. Congrats on the new purchase!


My baby is 3!
Oct 2, 2006
That's "my" store! LOL Shawn in very nice! I'm glad you had a positive experience!

Congrats on your NF! I'd love to see pics!


Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
I'm glad you had such a positive experience w/ your SA; establish a good relationship w/ him so he can assist you in locating difficult to find items in the future. Congrats too on your Neverfull.


May 1, 2006
glad to hear you had a pleasant experience! its nice to hear more of these stories than the horror stories lol.


Feb 4, 2006
I love hearing experiences like this ... customer service is important, especially during these times. Retailers have to realize that people will only come back if they remember receiving great service or else they won't even bother opening their wallets. Luxury goods aren't a necessity so they do need to do a little extra so customers return.

BTW congrats on your new bag ... any modeling pics?;)
Oct 30, 2008
Thanks for all the nice comments, and the move to the right spot...I'm new to posting here :Push:
I'll post pictures tomorrow of the neverfull! My boyfriend will think I'm nuts if I do it here although he did just say, "Are you going to take pictures of this bag too?" :yes:


Jan 29, 2008
Very nice SA. Congarts. I bought both my LV from Northbrook, IL while I was visiting Chicago. My SA is soooooooooo sweet.
Oct 30, 2008
freshmess - thanks! I love looking at your posts in the LV action thread. You're so stylish!
zucnarf - That's nice to hear you had a great experience as well! Maybe all the SAs aren't so bad!
MumarK & JLM - it's not to have a good SA and hear good things about them!
lvnowwhat - Really!? I guess I just figured not too many people were from around this area! I like Saks as well but I was so giddy with excitement I couldn't even look for anything else I just wanted to get in the car and see my bag!