Amazing DIOR deal!

  1. Hi Hi Hi---

    Two things to report:

    1. I was at Neiman Marcus Last Call at Woodbury Commons (visiting NY for the week) and they had two Diors at awesome prices, one was like a straw/wicker clutch and the other was an amazing brown velvet clutch with a big D medallion.

    2. I am searching for the perfect white Dior bag. This is my favorite so far:

    But i just found this AMAZINGGGGG deal from another Blog I read:

    YOWSERS! Auction ends tonight...

    I posted this in "eBay finds" also, but it's so good (and not eBay) I had to start a thread!

    dIOR.jpg DIOR 2.jpg

  2. LoveH yes its a great deal ! the bag is gorgeous ! :heart::drool:
  3. Great deal~ Good Luck to whoever is bidding for it.
  4. Good luck, I like both :p
  5. Good deal.
  6. Good deal