AMAZING DEALS AT raffaello-network!!

  1. ^^ wowza, someone should grab 'em!!! :woohoo:

    p.s. that GGH city is marine blue (highly coveted)
  2. is this raffaello a good site?
  3. OMG!!! That GGH City is sooooo gorgeous! :drool:
  4. the bales in the pictures look weird... are they authentic?
  5. Oh, if that Marine City was anything but GGH I would buy it! It's beautiful!
  6. This is exactly what I am thinking. It looks square to me. I also checked several of their bags. Some are okay. But the brown GGH PT in the last page looks suspicious. I remember seeing other tPFers questioned their authenciticy months ago.
  7. I missed out on the marine GGH :sad: Hope my cc isn't charged for the cost. I had got to clicking the Order Now button which brought me to a message that said Some missing info in your order and a link to Shopping Cart which read 'THere is no item in your shopping cart'.

    Who got the beauty? Hope its a TPFer. Unless its a fake. Then I hope they just pulled it out of circ.
  8. here's a picture of one of their bags... look at the bales: CLEARLY SQUARE. maybe an Italian super-fake?

  9. ^^ yikes, that's really weird!!! :confused1:
  10. maybe I'm not sad that it had GGH and I wasn't too tempted to buy it!
  11. I honestly think that's an unusual distortion in that angle-view photo. If you look at the bale in the bottom-most pic, it doesn't look square. Also Raffaello is a reputable reseller, although generally outrageously overpriced. Really, if this bag is fake, then our authentication challenges and troubles just sky-rocketed :s.
  12. I just ordered a magenta Twiggy earlier this week from them on sale for $906 - I sure hope its real. Will update when I receive it!! This makes me so nervous...if its fake I will be soooo bummed.:sweatdrop:
  13. It was I.
  14. wow, those two bags went quick. who got the First?