Amazing deal Tompkins square

  1. Is this your auction? It's a great deal. I have this bag and it's my favorite of all that I own! The color is amazing.
  2. nope I am just searching eBay for everyone for good deals
  3. Ohhhhhhh! LOL! Well, you're right! It's a GREAT deal for someone! I get compliments every time I carry it. It's beautiful!
  4. wow this bag is gorgeous! temptations temptations...
  5. *lol* German eBay again, I'm watching this since last week... Can't decide... Such a beauty :heart:
  6. Oh thats soooo nice! How much was it when Vuitton was still making these?
  7. Around 1000 Euro, I think. (1030 €?)
  8. Oh thanks!

    OK, I am bidding on this, I always liked this shape. I hope I can get it! Keep your fingers crossed people!
  9. OH!
    I am so exited! I had a bronze zip wallet stolen from me during my "wardrobe robbery" and this would have matched t so well!

    I keep getting outbit which sucks, what does everyone thing would be a good price to stop bidding for this?
  10. Aaaaaa!!!! i Won It I Won It I Woooonnn It!!!! :yahoo:

  11. Congrats :amuse:
    Plz post pics when you get it :love:

  12. I will!

    I got it for 491EUROS. It seems like a good deal as you said it retailed for 1000!!! Reasonable, right?

    And looking at the patina it's been used so well! I'm really exited! I always wanted a vernis bag!
  13. Congrats! And thanks to Kimmy for posting all the wonderful links!
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