Amazing Deal On Shoes!!!!

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  1. Sorry for the caps, but i had to get your attention. Now, to bring my 2 favorite forums together:


    Amazon has tons of great shoes (lots of Charles David) that retail for around $200. PM them to Zappos (really easy) and they're super cheap shipped.

    I got all mine for around $7-8 each shipped 2 day- and they were all around $200.

    GO GO GO!
  2. uh oh, it was edited.

    go to

    In the forums, it should be a thread in the first page that reads "Amazing Selection of Women's shoes at Amazon"
  3. It's not showing at all...I searched under Amazon and shoes and it shows the thread but then when you click on it the page is missing.
  4. I know that Amazon has some AMAZING Charles David deals - I bought 10 pairs directly from them today.... can't wait until they get in!!
  5. wow some amazing deals :smile: I just bought 2 pairs off amazon.. i didn't feel like calling zappos. however I definitely should have.. !
  6. Wow, what awesome prices :tup: Thanks for the link!
  7. great deals, but so much work
  8. There are so many want, but it seems like pricematching on would be such a hassle; unlike, zappos, where you can speak with a representative and get an instant price protection.
  9. I did the same. Sometimes you just don't feel like calling.
  10. Thank you so much for the tip! I just ordered two pairs of Charles David shoes for like a third of the regular price! Plus I got an additional $20 and free shipping at checkout since it was over $80...I have been looking for comfortable yet cute shoes forever and just so happened to find a style I totally love thanks to the link posted. They were so cute I bought them in two colors. Yay! :yahoo:
  11. ooh~ i got 3 pairs for 60 pm'ed through

    this week i bought about 20 pairs of shoes already. must
  12. bah! enablers! im looking at these deals when i should be heading into work! will have to shop at my desk hehehe THANKS !!! JUST what i need - more peep toe shoes!
  13. Glad I was able to help. The deal's still very much alive (you can pm to zappos or but most of the styles are out for the smaller sizes.

    :smile: I was considering just buying off of amazon, but with the $10-20 difference per pair of shoes (and i definitely bought multiples . . .) I'm no longer a price match virgin.
  14. great deals! it a good thing that they don't anything I want in my size.