Amazing deal I have found -*LES EXTRORDINAIRE* BAG

  1. Wow, that is a great deal !! I do hope someone here snags it !
  2. Pretty but not my style I think. I hope it goes to a good home!
  3. Yes,it's a great deal and the seller is great too!!I've bought from her and she is really sweet and trustworth!! :biggrin:
  4. It's pretty hope it goes to a good home
  5. Is no one going to go for it?? :smile:
  6. Hmmm, how much did this retail? I might have to try. What a cool bag! Do you think it's too out there though? I don't have many special occasions I could carry it for.
  7. yeah go for it -- I have seen others on eBay for like $2,000 plus dollars - I do not know the retailbut it is up there in the thousands .. They are very very very rare .
  8. I dont think it is too out there - it is a gorgeous bag --- If I had of got paid by now I would have gone for it and I would also wear it to dress up a causal outfit with a pair of jeans .. as well as any other occassions. Oh I wish it was the end of the month :sad:
  9. quick ends in 15 mins
  10. wow so nice! and a reallly good deal! so tempting! but i don't use pochettes that much
  11. me either. I am tempted but it's so small and I don't think I would use it much.
  12. Great bag and she is such a lovely person ...Someone got it for a GOOD price:biggrin:
  13. How to know this bag is real or fake? I saw a "fake bag" site, they have this bag too. :Push:
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