Amazing Cosmetics?

  1. Has anyone tried Amazing Cosmetics? They have been in a lot of press and are a favorite among lots of celebrity make-up artists and celebrities. I am curious about their Amazing Concealer and how that compares to some of the other tpf favorites.
  2. I would die with out the amazing concealer. A bit dramatic I know, but it covers my under eye circles soooo well. It is very concentrated so only a little in needed. I have used the same tube now for almost a year. It really is Amazing( :rolleyes: I wouldn't resist!)
  3. I am currently trying the concealer. I got a generous sample from Sephora. I'm sure it will last me a couple of months. Just a dot on my baby finger is all I need for both eyes. It's the best one of all the different ones I've tried so far. It's pretty good for under-eye concealing and for other marks such as blemishes etc, it's fantastic.
  4. So it looks natural and not cakey or fake?
  5. u guys sold me! i have to get some!
  6. Me too... I wonder what color :confused1:
  7. It's the first concealer that I've used that works well without being flakey or cakey. I'm using the 2nd lightest shade.
    I was going to try that one by Benefit, Boi-ing or something like that, but it's too dry and not cremey enough for my taste.
  8. I looked it up on and it has fair reviews, alot of people say it settled into fine lines though and is better for blemish instead of under eye.
  9. I was wondering how boi-ing compared to some of these other ones. I like my boi-ing a lot but youre right, it is pretty dry for what it is. Maybe i'll try a sample of the Amazing concealer soon. Any one know how these two compare to cle de peau? that one was next on my list of concealers to try