Amazing Chinese Artist Li Wei

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    Li Wei uses props such as metal wires to create his spectacular work

    Dangling horizontally out of a skyscraper, this hovering figure looks set to fall to his doom.

    But this 'jumper' hasn't just lost it all on a game of chance - this is performance art with a difference.
    Chinese artist Li Wei has produced an unsettling series of self-portraits involving his face reflected in mirrors in public places, and photographs of himself crashing into walls and sidewalks. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality

    Wei's photos depict him free falling from tall buildings

    Creating hair-raising performances to convey his continual sense of lost gravity, Wei has taken his work all over the world from Italy, Spain, Korea and the USA.
    "My work and artistic experience are characterised by a unique specificity and particularity," says the 37-year-old artist from Beijing.
    "My artistic language is universal and deals with themes about contemporary politics and society using symbols understood by everyone in every part of the world.
    "I am fascinated by the unstable and dangerous sides of art and I hope my works reflect these aspects. Wei's photos, which sell up to $8,000 (£4,200), depict him free falling from tall buildings-pictures that resemble the famous photograph of the French artist Yves Kline hurtling out a window
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    A giant arm appears to save the artist from a spectacular fall
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    The 37-year-old's work has been successful all over the world


    Li Wei sees his art as a mission to set the scene for the perfect photograph and a perfect performance
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    He specialises in creating the illusion of dangerous reality


    The artist employs a mix of acrobatics
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    Wei admits sometimes he is in real danger


    The 'jumper' says he aims to go as high as possible with his work
  6. Some of these pictures are scarier than others. All are fascinating.
  7. Very cool. Id love to see a behind the scenes of how he goes about it all.
  8. these are so cool. i don't get how he does it but it's awesome.

    i like this one the best. look at the airplane on the right! the angle makes it look like he's higher than the plane.
  9. I saw this on the kayne west blog, really creative.
  10. OMG! Looking at these was worse for me than the infinity pool pics! :sweatdrop:

    I do think it's amazing, but my heart is RACING!
  11. That is sooooo cool!!!
  12. fascinating
  13. Wow!
  14. Very cool!