Amazing chanel SA!!!!

  1. I was so blown away with this SA that I just have to post about it!!! If anyone is looking for a chanel SA then Corinne at Saks in Greenwich is AMAZING!!! I don't live anywhere near Greenwich but I'm getting a little fed up with my SA at Saks which is about 50 min from me. Long story and I've posted before about her. So I was calling around to other Saks looking for either a B/B cambon flap or large tote. I just happened to reach Corinne who told me she would do her best. Well since last week she has remained in contact with me. She went to see the Saks buyer in NY on monday and found out that saks is out of both styles and won't be getting them in. So then she goes into the Chanel boutique in NY and finds out they have a B/B cambon tote! She calls me just to let me know that while I cannot purchase it through her that the chanel boutique still has at least one in stock. She said she loves the cambon tote and really wanted me to find one. I was so blown away-she went above and beyond the call of duty!! Needless to say she will be aiding my chanel addiction from now on out! :love: Oh--I ordered the tote from the chanel boutique. I can't wait but my cc is going to implode!!!!:shocked:
  2. that's a great story! i think a great SA make such a big difference to a happy shopping experience. :smile:
  3. Wow, great to hear you found your bag! Can't wait to see pics
  4. Congrats!
  5. That's really nice of the SA PGN. I personally have not had any good experiences with Chanel SAs, but hopefully I will find one I like soon :amuse:

    Edit to add: please post pictures when you receive your bag
  6. Thanks! I will post pics:yes: I guess I am just so impressed that this saks Sa went looking for my bag in a completely different store. She knew I couldn't purchase it from her and yet she found one for me somewhere else. I just wish the Chanel boutique could have sold it to Saks and let me purchase it from Corinne! She deserves the sale and commission!
  7. That is so sweet to do it out of the kindness of her heart! Don't ever let her go. Only once did a SA do that for me once but that was because she made a mistake and sold a bag that was on hold for me.
  8. Awww!! That's so sweet!
  9. congrats!!!
  10. Yay! please post pics when you get it :smile:
  11. hey ya
    im so glad that you had a great experience with your new SA! it just makes buying a new bag so much more exciting! congrats on your new bag!
  12. I Love Saks In Greenwich.....Everything I Have Purchased Or Even Asked For Has Come Through. They Are Over & Beyond......They Have The Best Sales ~ Not Just the Prices ~ The Merchandise. There's So Much...It's Just Fantastic.

    PGN ~ I'm So Glad That Worked Out For You. What A Wonderful SA....I'm So Happy You Found Her!!!
  13. As they say- "once you get a good Sa, don't let 'em get away!" It's good to hear a positive story about a Chanel SA, as they somewhat have a reputation as being some of the snobbiest.