Amazing Champs Elysees Shopping Experience


Oct 7, 2006
hi guys,

I've went to Paris this weekend and my shopping experience at the Champs-Elysees flagship store was magical ...

Very kind and patient SA, she offered us champagne (with a refill) and a seat in the atrium while our purchases were gift wrapped and she escorted us to the Icones display.

After the visit of the Icones display, the store was closed for lunch (they decided to close the store for one hour to let the staff eat togheter for a pre-christmas party) so we've experienced a walk around in the shop all by ourself, pretty unique for a christmas shopping in a store usualy over-crowded.

Magical !

wow, fantastic ! thanks for sharing your experience.
"Icons" is it the exhibition they have at the moment where famous Designers worked on a LV project ? Is it upstairs ?