Amazing: Bottega Veneta-Woven Leather Mini Bag

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  1. So yesterday I was just browsing, which I've been doing for a while. I've been trying to save up for a Balenciaga and it's not working. I went to to look at the BV bags. By impulse I just added the white woven leather mini bag to my "bag" and well... Thing is that it says that it's 560 but it came out to be like around 340 or something and I was like this isn't happening.
    So I futher investigated and tried to add the other colors, but all of them came out to be 560. I mean I only liked the white bag and I had that 10% discount code so I went ahead and bought it. It came up to be less than 320!!! :shame:
  2. OH WOW!!! See, it was fate! good for you :P
  3. It's fate! How come things like this don't happen to me...
  4. It is still doing it. I went to and put the bag in my shopping cart and the total was $352. I need a taller bag, so I tried it out on some of the others, but to no avail! Good deal if anyone is looking for a mini BV.
  5. Wow - that is strange! I went to look to see what else was new, and couldn't find this bag either.

    I bought this in the orange and the little hook part was discolored. It was blue. So, I'm returning it. I got it from Saks.
  6. Blue discoloration! what a pity...perhaps you can get the white or yellow one now instead? Hope mine comes in perfect condition...:worried:
  7. eee to buy or not to buy...

    thanks for sharing ladies!
  8. hi there i am sorry to inform you but as i checked the bag is no longer friend ordered it yest and its the last piece of yellow bag left ;)