AMAZING boots!

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  1. I may be solely responsible for Neiman Marcus selling out of this immediately but hell, its raining in New York for the millionth day in a row and what is there to do but shop on-line!

    Can you believe....these are embroidered suede, 10" high shafts and only $89! Not marked down to $89 but a special purchase at $89! I've already ordered mine so I feel I can let the rest of the world in on this....

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  2. Those boots are LOVELY! Great buy too!
  3. Wow! Those are quite the boots! Price is more than reasonable. I'm not sure how often I would wear those, but girl, you will rock them out I'm sure!
  4. I agree price is very reasonable :biggrin: Cute!
  5. Those are great! If NM sells out, Anthropologie has a similar embroidered boot, but at twice the cost!!!
  6. Nice buy - CONGRATS!

    I love embroidered boots.
  7. IMG_1489509983.046177.jpg