AMAZING boots!

  1. I may be solely responsible for Neiman Marcus selling out of this immediately but hell, its raining in New York for the millionth day in a row and what is there to do but shop on-line!

    Can you believe....these are embroidered suede, 10" high shafts and only $89! Not marked down to $89 but a special purchase at $89! I've already ordered mine so I feel I can let the rest of the world in on this....
  2. Those boots are LOVELY! Great buy too!
  3. Wow! Those are quite the boots! Price is more than reasonable. I'm not sure how often I would wear those, but girl, you will rock them out I'm sure!
  4. I agree price is very reasonable :biggrin: Cute!
  5. Those are great! If NM sells out, Anthropologie has a similar embroidered boot, but at twice the cost!!!
  6. Nice buy - CONGRATS!

    I love embroidered boots.
  7. IMG_1489509983.046177.jpg