AMAZING boots just arrived today...

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Is it the size or they are just hard to get on completely? I had boots like those before. Sooo sorry again.
  2. The size should be just about right. It's just getting my foot down inside of them that's not working out. LOL!!! While a zipper probably would have taken away from the perfection of the overall look, it sure would have made putting them on and taking them off a lot easier.

    Truly disappointing, as these were exactly what I was looking for. :Push:
  3. I love those boots. The shaft looks pretty long and narrow, so I'm not surprised about your difficulty. But they're beautiful anyways! The price we women pay for perfection... :P
  4. shramrock, I just bought these Heather boots too (in brown). I love them (gorgeous and so soft!). I searched for ages for the perfect flat boot, and I think these are it, but I agree it is difficult get in them, and the right boot is a bit too tight for me around the calf. I don't think I have very big calves for my shoe size (6) but Botkier seems to be telling me differently LoL I was thinking about taking it to a shoe place to get the shafts stretched a bit.
  5. They are perfect, aren't they?
    Unfortunately, mine are going to have to be returned.

    I guess I'll just keep searching.:rolleyes: