Amazing bags -- somebody buy them!

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  1. Quick! The good bags never last long on Bluefly.

  2. I just saw those!! I was flipping out and ready to report to the board but you beat me to it! :smile:
  3. Nice finds Intlset!!
  4. hurry... there are still a few good ones left!
  5. As of now, the totes are sold out and only the tweed flap and the last grey one are available.

    I hope someone was able to get the totes because not only was the price amazing but they're classic.
  6. I just bought the small black one (the third one). This will be my first Chanel and first time buying from Bluefly, so I hope everything will be OK. Thank you for the post Intlset!
  7. Shoot! I was too late!
  8. So...this bag is too much pink right?


    It's sitting in my cart. I love the style - not sure if I'll wear the color. Though...I love pink. Never owned a pink bag though..
  9. i'm selling my large black caviar tote if anyone is interested. it's larger than the pink bluefly tote which is medium size.
  10. The pink is ADORABLE!!!! Use the 10% off coupon!
  11. I know - I think there's a 15% coupon floating around somewhere. But I don't think I can do it. Too much for a bag I will probably not wear much. So, I think I'm going to pass. :o(
  12. i LOVE that pink chanel tote! gorgeous!
  13. Love the pink one...too bad its gone. But there are a few cute ones left.
  14. Addicted, did you end up getting the pink one? Since it's a bag with such simple lines it doesn't strike me as too pink!
  15. It was sitting in my bag, I went to lunch and someone else bought it. Must be a sign. I'll keep on the lookout again. I think the smaller one might be better. ARGHHH!!!!!! I should have jumped on it!