Amazing AUGUST 2018 VUITTON purchases!

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  1. Here we go; another month, another thread for your LV eyecandy! Do not be shy, post them all here! Looking forward to admire all your amazing August LV purchases. (Aka LV addiction continues) :flowers:
  2. Oops, i just started one too! Can we merge the two threads together?
  3. Sure! Feel free to continue here! :smile: (Sorry, I could not see your thread, because at that time it did not exist, I did my search.)
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  4. Do you know how merge the thread I started, or can I delete it and repost here? Sorry, I didn't see yours until I had finished uploading my pics and posted new thread...:smile:
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    No worries! Just repost your lovely pics here and I am sure the admin will fugure our the rest.
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  6. Ok, looks like I can't delete it. So I'll post again here:lol:

    Here's my latest addition to kick off this amazing month: the Pochette Metis in Rose Poudre!:heart: I had to reshuffle my collection a bit when both my vernis Alma BB and Cream PM were repaired badly and deemed defective. It was an unexpected surprise that this was the first PM ordered in and turned out to have both perfect alignment and MIF. I couldn't ask for a better model of this bag! Love it! IMG_2252-1.jpg IMG_2257-1.jpg IMG_2250-1.jpg
    Styled with my Chloe sneaker boots and sock boot for colour comparison. LOL "50 shades of pink":heart: IMG_2243-1.jpg
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    Bag & bandeau twins! :heart: Congrats! She is gorgeous & meant to be for you! Enjoy!
  8. Thank you:flowers: Always nice to find a matching twin!
    I find this pink colour is really hard to capture on camera though. Its very similar to my Rose Logomania Shine scarf in the way it changes tone from the slightest lighting colour or angle alteration.
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  9. Damn! August already? That means 4 months til Christmas! Anyway, looking forward to seeing everyone’s goodies.
  10. The colour is stunning and I love the pink colour too
  11. On Wednesdays we wear pink ;) Very fitting for the first August reveal
  12. Hi V :smile: (missed seeing you). Congrats on this pink beauty — looks great with the bandeau and those beautiful shoes. Enjoy.
  13. I cannot resist stripes! This is my third NeoNoe (have the red and saffron monogram versions).
    The blue interior of this bag is the most vibrant lovely blue and with the red and white stripes on the front and back of the bag it almost makes up for missing on the Union Jack NeoNoe! It is my version of red, white and blue.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  14. love this - congrats!!
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  15. Such a fresh looking color combination! Congrats!
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