Amazing audio illusion

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  1. WOW!!! My dog didnt like that at all! LOL WEIRD
  2. how do it do that?
  3. Wow. That was weird. I wonder how they did that?
  4. That's so neat!!
  5. ^^

    That optical illusion is cool!!
  6. i only hear the same tune over and over again!
  7. Thats so neat!!
  8. I think I must be missing
  9. That's very weird. I wonder how they did that!
  10. LOL. When you play it, when the video ENDS you have to press "Play" again and when it re-starts the note will start out the same way it ended and go up higher, repeat this over and over and the video will play continuous higher notes each time. When a regular video would just play the same notes over and over again

    Did I make any sense at all?
  11. :nuts: That was crazy!!