Amazing Araline club

  1. Sorry that was all I could think of! Share pics of your Araline(s) here. I'll get the ball rolling with my black and brown Aralines.


  2. Oh go on then! :yahoo:


    when it was brand new;
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  5. Hi Araline lovers. Just to let you know that there some Araline bargains at the Shepton factory shop. I almost came away with an orange one (orange/yellow tassels). They also had coffee; toffee; claret and forest green. They were £147 for the soft nappa ones and £175 for the washed nappa ones.
  6. Does anyone know what colour the soft nappa comes in, apart from black?

  7. The soft nappa ones I saw today were orange and brown. I think it was called toffee. They were cheaper as the lining was plain cream.
    The washed nappa ones were forest green, warm brown (think it was coffee) and claret. They had the black lining with the Mulberry tree logo.
  8. thanks sarajane!
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  10. Hi girls, can I join in? I have three aralines in black, coffee and olive green and am waiting for the claret one I ordered from Shepton Mallet to arrive! That's probably way too much already but I still want an orange one too :shame:
  11. ooh cherrydrop the olive green one sounds lovely!

  12. Wow, that's some collection! You're definitely the club leader!! I saw the claret one at Shepton and it's the most divine colour. Congrats! I'm with you on orange, I absolutely love my tangerine. Araline is such a great bag, so light and yet it carries loads. I'm totally smitten. Can't wait to see a family pic of all your Aralines.
  13. Very nice collection.
  14. Hi,

    I have aralines in Apricot, Coconut, Black and Aubergine! Loving my aralines! :wlae: I'd be happy to upload pics if I knew how the heck to do it :confused1:

    I think I'm addicted to Araline's and bayswaters, I'm already thinking about a claret araline............

  15. Go to 'go advanced' in additional options under submit reply. Hit 'manage attachments.' It'll bring up browse - hit browse and it'll take you into your PC documents. Locate the pics you want, click on them and then hit upload.
    Close the window and click submit reply. Hope that helps.
    Looking forward to seeing your great Araline collection!