Amazing April 2019 goodies

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  1. Happy First day of April everyone! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful goodies that everyone is buying especially after Friday’s new launches! Me myself am going to make a purchase this weekend, between bond st bb, new heart wave bag or saintonge. Hoping to get to the boutique this week!
  2. Thank you @Bumbles for this thread & Happy April:flowers: Excited to see your new bag choice!

    I'm elated for SS19 collection: Khaki is my jam. I went in for the summer Speedy B but fell hard for the Twist MM. Decided to preorder the khaki Neverfull to pair with the Twist instead. I'm so in love with this duo and am very excited to enjoy my first Twist (the picture of modern elegance if you ask me)!

    Now I'm off to an LV port for a ship to Ban Island:wave: IMG_8952.jpg IMG_8954.jpg IMG_8935.jpg
  3. I love the Twist and this color is absolutely beautiful! #ÉpiForever #Twist
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  4. Very nice indeed! Love your two choices and the khaki is Devine. Only thing is,...... your ship to ban island, I think is full LOL, I think lots of people are on that ship as well, so it’s over crowded so you might have to wait for the next one, hahahaha
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    Thank you @fabuleux! Your Twist PM gift in patent black epi/gold was beautiful and truly caught my attention for this model. If they come out with that same iteration in MM size it would be perfect!
    :lol: So true! it really doesn't help that we all feed off each other's addiction
  6. I love them!
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  7. D09C543D-00C6-46A9-A842-B5B681F6D4D6.jpeg Picked up the new taiga pacific blue messenger to go with my ss18 Kim Jones pacific keepall! These new taiga messengers are a variation of messengers from ss18 men’s collection that KJ designed. I actually like the new ones better as it is more subtle. The only thing I wish they change is have D-rings for the shoulder strap so I can swap out to different straps.
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  8. 15589F3F-E837-4D5C-803D-83F5AD990070.jpeg Sold out online here in the U.K. on Saturday but lucky to find this beauty in store in Edinburgh today.
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  9. I just purchased the khaki Neverfull as well, but I am wondering how well the white straps will hold up. Just wondering if you have heard anything about how that may wear over time. I too am in love with khaki!! You made great choices! Enjoy
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  10. Thanks! I wouldn't wear it against dark/bright colours or denim prone to colour transfer. You can also wrap the handle with a bandeau to protect but I think canvas is pretty durable. Rest assured LV stands behind their products. Just enjoy it:smile:
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  11. Thank you!!
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  12. So I went into store intending to get a bag in DA. Came out with this instead :rolleyes: I'm just hopeless sometimes. 20190401_205212.jpg

  13. Love that! Congrats
  14. How much does it hold compare to like PM?
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  15. What a beautiful start to this month’s reveals — wow, wow, wow :smile:. Your new Twist is just stunning!!! The Khaki NF will be the perfect companion to this beauty!!! So happy for you V :smile:. Big Congrats and please enjoy :smile:.
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