Amazing April 2018 Louis Vuitton goodies! Post them here!

  1. Morning all and welcome to April!
    I can’t believe we’re in the fourth month of the year. The year has gone super fast. With all the new releases and new bags coming out, I’m very excited to see everyone’s posts, so let’s start them coming.

    Hope everyone has an awesome Easter where ever you are, and the Easter bunny drops you something from LV as well.
  2. Too early for April purchases lol
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  3. Good Morning/Evening and Happy Easter!

    I'm still in March. :smile: I still haven't posted my March Indulgences - perhaps I'll catch up in this thread when the April Easter goodies start rolling in. (I'm picking up one next Tuesday.)
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  4. Hey, I'll start the April thread!! I bought this yesterday but won't use it until next week, so I'm counting it as April. This is a new release - My LockMe BB in Papyrus/Creme lmbb.JPG
  5. I have one that counts for April. Won't use until tomorrow but was finally able to find one of these very lightly preloved.
  6. I am in love with this bag in the blue color!!
  7. Wow, that's pretty!
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  8. Very pretty!
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  9. IMG_1522551241.068673.jpg

    brought her home with me
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  11. Very cute
  12. Gorgeous bag! Could you share some more pics, can't seem to find too many info/photos of this bag!
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  13. Congrats, really gorgeous! Love this colorcombo!
    Could you please share some more pics and a Modeling pic?!
    Thank you :flowers:
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  14. 0F66BAD6-AB55-4EA5-84A5-02CC7FCF0ED5.jpeg My SA was able to get me a pop up pacific monogram split P.O. for me! Woohoo! In addition, I was able to get the kabuki notebook. I really like the bold graphic on the it. Not sure I’ll ever write in it... And of course one can never have too many dragonne bag charm and key holders! They come in handy for pouchettes!
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  15. Amazing !!
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