Amazin' Raisin!! Please welcome my new baby to the forum

  1. Ta da!! 35 Togo Rasin PH...Dressed up in plum turnadot!
    hraisin 002_1.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Love the Birkin and the scarf combo is wonderful.
  3. WHOA!!! That is one gorgeous bag, Rockerchic!!!!! :yes: :yes:
  4. Its just GORGEOUS...fantastic color. Can I borrow it?
  5. WOW! What a TDF combo! Now I need a raisin bag for my Turandot scarf! :p
  6. raisin is one of my favorite colors!!! congrats!!!!
  7. Damn....that is gorgeous!!!

    I:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Raisin and Palladum!

    ...and i want one just like yours.
  8. That is one GORGEOUS Birkin! Wow! Love it!!!!:drool:
  9. thud

    forget borrow- can i HAVE it? that bag, well, you know how i feel about it. just the perfect color and looks AMAZING with the turnadot. eek!
  10. GORGEOUS!!! Raisin is such a beautiful and versatile color, I hope you really enjoy her, congrats!
  11. Lovely!!! :party:
  12. I already love your BB and now this! :drool: :drool: Two of my favorite colors. Now, if you get an etoupe, I am seriously coming over. Congratulations!
  13. thanks so much everyone. Raisin was one of the first colors that i was just drawn to. Owning this baby is a dream come true! My ten year old just told me it was the most beautiful bag i own and she wants it!!
  14. OMG, OMG, OMG!! RC, congrats on another fabulous bag!!
    :wlae: :dothewave: :wlae: