Amarnate Vernis Sunset/Bel-air/Rodeo Drive?

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  1. Hi,
    Would appreciate any comments/comparisons and preference among the 3 bags for casual and formal use. I'm a mom in my late 30s and this would be my first vernis piece.
    My considerations are:
    Isn't the rodeo drive too big to be used as a clutch for formal occasions?
    Is the long strap of Bel-Air useful? and the price is already comparable to Rodeo Drive which is bigger.
    Is the sunset blvd too small? This style is the one I really like but am afraid it might be too small to put my things in. Things I will put in the clutch are: cellphone, keys, cles, eye lubricant, wipes/tissues.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think the Rodeo Drive sounds perfect size wise for your needs. Plus I like the shorter straps compared to the Bel Air.
  3. ^I agree! Good luck w/ your decision.
  4. I absolutely love the style of the sunset, I intend on getting it in Pomme eventually,
    I have to admit i'd just carry less things if I had trouble closing it because I love the bag soooo much... in that said what you said you' would carry sounds like they would all fit nicely!
  5. I have both sunset and rodeo, and the sunset is elegant,you
    can use it as clutch or even as a wallet in a big bag.

    The rodeo is more practical, it holds everything you need.
    Love them both, :heart::love:
  6. its a tie between rodeo and sunset for me. both have their pros, and cons as you mentioned. i dont think that the rodeo is too big and it can fit everything you mentioned and then some. the sunset is nice because it doubles as a wallet that you can throw inside another bag. i think it may be able to fit everything you mentioned, BUT it will be a very tight squeeze, but when using a sunset, you dont need a cles.
  7. I think you should probably go with the Rodeo so that you can fit everything you need in there. They are all very beautiful and you picked the best color out there...amarante! Show us pics when you get it!