Amarante VS Pomme

  1. which color is hotter, sexier and nicer?? and why.... :rolleyes:
  2. Pomme, I was in LV yesterday and compared the two, Amarante is just too dark, hard to see what it is really.
  3. Im so not a red person at all, but Pomme is unbelivable, i love the accessorries alot. a pop of color in my bags makes me happy. dont know if i could do a bag though. amarante I wanted to love more, it only catches my eye under bright sun. but the bags look awesome and sexy. So i say amarente for bags and pomme for small acc.
  4. if for roxbury? amarante nicer or pomme?
    i think amarante is too dark but then pomme is too bright. what do u gals think? ;)
  5. i had a poll about these two colors and im still confused which one is better. I think both are just so sexxy . The pomme what i hear will run out sooner than the amarante since its newer. But my help is no good because i just love both so much. sorry.
  6. I prefer Pomme.
    I don't normally like red but Pomme is just so pretty!
  7. pomme
  8. I love both. I have a lot of Pomme things and one Amarante piece. The colors of my wardrobe go more with Amarante so I find Amarante easier to use. Pomme is very flashy while Amarante is more underastated and can look both classy and alternative (depending on the style of the bag). I am both a dark color lover (blacks and browns) and a red lover as well so both suit my style. Just depends on whether I want to really stand out and have my bag "pop" (pomme) or not.
  9. rileygirl, can u please model with ur pomme and amarante? thank you.... :love:
  10. I'm sorta deciding the same thing too, for my first vernis piece! However, framboise comes into my decision too... which would you ladies prefer?

    Pomme or framboise?
  11. I love pomme but I haven't seen amarante in real life yet.
  12. Do you really want to see an 8 month pregnant woman modelling a bag? LOL

    Actually, I do have a Pomme Roxburry pic, no Amarante Rosewood though....let me think about it.
  13. I love Pomme and while I don't dislike amarante, I know that I would never wear it. So...Pomme (for me)!
  14. I soooo love both colors. Have a pomme key holder and an amarante roxbury! Pehaps RileyGirl and I can pose together with our roxs!
  15. I love pomme too!