amarante vs pomme help!

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  1. So i'm debating wether to get the porte-tresor international wallet in pomme or amarante....I thought @ first pomme because i've heard you can see finger prints really easy on the amarante, but then I thought the amarante would be perfect because of it's darkness and people wouldn't notice much? (i.e. color transfer, etc) vs the pomme is a lot lighter, more flashy color....


    ***also is epi good in wet weather? i'm thinking of getting the small agenda....
  2. I absolutely adore the Pomme, much more! I don't think it's too flashy at all. Red is such a classic color for a wallet and a beautiful color in any handbag. While the Amarante is pretty, it's not as classic to me and I think the fingerprints would drive me nuts. I have the 4 key holder in Pomme and have had absolutely no trouble with scratching or color transfer. It's a very durable color and just gorgeous!
  3. I like Amarante more.... I'm a dark person....:devil::lol: oooh it's getting late.... lol
  4. Pomme cos I am such a fan! :love:
  5. I prefer the pomme, its gorgeous colour.
  6. POMME! Everytime I take my pomme wallet out, I just can't help but adore its color!
  7. Pomme would be gorgeous. And yup, Epi can be taken out in wet Damier Speedy and Mandarin Epi Jasmin are my rainy weather bags.
  8. try pomme.. I've got a amarante billfold.. the FINGERPRINTS drove me nuts... eventhough i love the amarante color.. trust me, u won't be that overwhelmed after the whole wallet is covered with your fingerprints!!
  9. I vote pomme as well. It just looks so happy inside of any handbag, you'll be thrilled everytime you open your bag :yahoo:
    I've used mine tons and had no trouble with scratches, except slight ones on the lock hardware (to be expected) and no noticable fingerprint issues.
  10. Pomme!
  11. Another vote for Pomme
  12. thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  13. Another vote for pomme:heart:
  14. pomme!
  15. ty! :biggrin:

    I want a bag for going out ( a little dressy but not much....)

    -Sunset or Roxbury? Pomme or Amarante?

    ....I'm thinking I may get the Alexandra wallet in MC for a little variety... ;)