Amarante Viennois & inclusion bracelet! Pics & info -->

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  1. Dear all, after defending my PhD thesis last week (yes, another Dr on the forum ;)) and waiting for the new amarante pieces to arrive, today was the day! The SAs weren't even unpacking them yet but I got to see everything :drool: After about an hour or so :rolleyes: I decided on the inclusion bracelet (the PM, not the tiny one) and the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois :nuts: My most expensive but also probably my chic-est accessory apart from bags ever :sweatdrop:!

    Some other, many of you probably know already but here goes:

    - there are several batches of amarante vernis, I saw very dark, almost black amarante and lighter maroon-purple amarante (noticeably lighter, independet of lighting), it's a difference in color production (an accidental variation), so choose which you like best (I went with the dark)
    - there seem to be some quality issues - the inclusion bracelet had a fault, there was a white streak on the inside where color was missing, but I noticed it and exchanged it (phew), and some wallets weren't finished as smoothly on the edges as they were before
    - the fingerprints are much worse than they were with pomme but you get an extra cloth for that (lol)
    - the store did have many "cloud-bags" left, they aren't that popular here
    - I saw miroir sneakers in gold, but they seemed a little "loud" to me

    Pics to follow in a few minutes!
  2. Oooo sounds like you had a great shopping day, cant wait to see pic's
  3. Pics!

    Inclusion bracelet PM, it's not like black, more like dark purple or black cherries. It also has matching swarovski crystals that really compliment the color. It's the one in the middle in the second and third pic. The color is similar to the velvet pouch they come in.
    pm.jpg pms2.jpg pms.jpg
  4. Pics of the Billets Viennois, it was hard to capture the coloring (it's almost like a Balenciaga bag lol). I left a few fingerprints on as well for those who are still deciding whether that's something to get over. It has beautiful sparkling red wine undertones :heart::
    tease.jpg viennois-daylight.jpg viennois-front.jpg viennois1.jpg viennois.jpg
  5. oh my that bracelet is stunning!!! congrats!!
  6. Oh wow, simply stunning! Congrats!
  7. all the amarante pieces are breathtaking! i esp love your inclusion bracelet!
  8. OMG!!!! So beautiful Congrats!!!
  9. Great wallet! I have it in regular monogram, but maybe it needs a little amarante sister now :smile: It's a really functional wallet, enjoy!
  10. Congrats on defending!!! That's so wonderful!

    And beautiful amarante pieces!
  11. ^I'm glad it's over! Thanks guys! :love:
  12. Beauties! Absolutely gorgeous, congrats :smile:
  13. Arrghh! I still can't get over how beautiful this colour is. Congrats, with the LV and the PhD
  14. Thank you both! :heart:
  15. Great pics, thanks!!