Amarante Vernis or Damier Zippy Wallet

  1. Ugh NOT that this is going to stop me from getting one, but why is the Zippy organizer so expensive?!!?!?:cursing:

    It is pretty much the same price as a Speedy!!!:wtf:

    I am debating between the Amarante Vernis (assuming I like the color) or the Damier...I like the Damier bc of its durability, but still...Vernis is so pretty!!:heart:

    **Note: I have the Frambroise Vernis agenda...would a Vernis wallet and agenda be too much for an everyday combo?

  2. Tough choice, but I would go with the vernis.

    I love the zippy too, I want the pomme, hopefully soon.
  3. Damier! I love the zippy in Damier :love:

  4. i wonder about that too....since i have the same framboise agenda....

    thank you for posting this! :p :heart:
  5. ^LOL no problem!!

    I don't want 'Vernis overload' !!

    if there is such a thing...

    I think I might be leaning toward the Damier bc then you could use the zippy wallet as an occasional clutch and not be paranoid about where you set it down, etc....
  6. I would get the Damier Zippy.

    I think the reason why the Zippy Wallet is the price it is because of all of the leather that's used? :shrugs:
  7. I thought it is because the smaller items are very hard to make.
  8. ^ good points....

    John --Love your avatar quote BTW...thats the ringtone on my Sidekick ;)

    OT, but wouldn't JT be a HOT LV model?!?!?!
  9. Can't wait to get my tax refund!! ;)
  10. I don't really like the Zippy since it's so big but I'd get the vernis's so pretty.
  11. Pretty always wins out! Go for the vernis. Let your heart skip a beat everytime you see her!
  12. ^LOL thats true love!!! ;)
  13. you can never have too much vernis!
  14. yeah, you can't have vernis overload in my book. the new color sounds like it will be amazing too.
    i do love damier as well, though...
    sorry. i'm no help!