Amarante Sunset ---Fingerprints not the Problem...What Should I Do ? !!!

  1. Today I received an amarante Sunset Blvd from Eluxury. I had been reading about mixed reactions regarding this color, fingerprints, poor quality, etc, etc. just after this bag was released. I figured I'd remain optimistic, deciding if it was for me once I saw it IRL.

    Once I saw it IRL, I just loved it, surprisingly roomy for an evening bag. And the fingerprints, although there, weren't as bad to me as I whats the dilemma????? Normally I'm really, really good at locating the datecodes in my LVs. I posted earlier that I was searching for it, but no luck. So I called my local LV, and they told me where to look. And since there's little leather on the inside of the Sunset wallet, you think it would be easy to find??
    GUESS WHAT??? I have spent the last 2 hours in direct sunlight, (and with a flashlight I might add) and THERE 'S ABSOLUTELY NO DATE CODE !!! Could this be possible? It cannot be a fake, it looks and feels and smells totally real, and it's from Elux !!! I really like the bag....should I return it for one with a DC or does it lessen the value of the bag since it doesn't have one?? Any suggestions would help alot. Thanks!!
  2. Where did they tell you to look? If it has an inside pocket, it should be in there.
  3. Hope you find the date code soon.
  4. I would take it to an LV store and them take a look for you. can you post pics?
  5. Maybe its stamped directly on the leather rather than on a little leather tag thingy.:tup:
  6. try looking right in the corners of the bag the date codes are hard to find on vernis because their are stiff. but be careful it's not worth damaging the bag looking for a few numbers

  7. Yes, I looked in the corners of the leather part of the bag, beneath the credit card slots.....there is no code in any corner !! This is where they (SA @ LV) told me to look.....on the leather iteself, it should be stamped! But there's still nothing there. I guess I have to return it, It doesnt sit well with me to have a bag sans datecode. It's a shame b/c I really like this bag!:crybaby:
    How could this have happened?? <--maybe flaw?
  8. that is strange no date code...
  9. I wouldn't worry about it, it won't be any less in value because it doesn't have a datecode and you know it is authentic seeing as you bought it from eluxury. It may be really near to a seam, therefore almost impossible to find without ripping the bag (which i suggest you don't do!!) It will be there somewhere, just perhaps not visible.
  10. It should be there. Mmhm...maybe a brigher daylight flashlight may help.
  11. If it makes you uncomfortable, return it for one that does have a date code.
  12. Try feeling around for it, rather than seeing it. I'm a total spaz when it comes to finding the date codes visually, but I can locate them with my fingertips. It's been a real lifesaver on some of the harder to find codes.
  13. I never even look for datecodes but I am CERTAIN your bag has one. They are super hard to find in wallets and the bag is basically a big wallet!
  14. I'd also "feel around" for it. Keep searching, sometimes it's tricky to find, but the code is there!!! I'm sure of it.
  15. It's definitely there and there are no fakes of this bag yet so don't worry. Plus, elux would NOT send you a fake.
    Anyway look in the pockets along the seams. It might be hard to see but it WILL be there.