Amarante sunset and pomme summit on eLux!

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  1. Anyone who is interseted, eLuxury has sunset in perle and amarante; summit in perle and pomme!
  2. on my way there, thanks for the info!
  3. Amarante is already gone! Congrats to those who got it!
  4. I still see the amarante Sunset boulevard...and the pomme Summit is still there
  5. Yes Karman, you are right, I misunderstood and was looking for the Amarante Summit, my ooops!
  6. I couldn't see it through the regular pages ( new arrival, vernis)..rather had to search the name myself...


    I'm waiting for the Amarante Summit Dr.
  7. Sunset in Amarante and Perle back again... Only Perle Summit left though...
  8. can someone tell me how much the sunset blvd retails for? thanks!
  9. $750! :biggrin: it looks gorgeous on elux.