Amarante Summit vs Pomme Summit vs something else!


What should it be? :)

  1. Amarante Summit

  2. Pomme Summit

  3. Other (please respond in thread)

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  1. Soooo I saw the Amarante Summit when it was released but passed on it because I didn't really care too much for the color. The style isn't bad so I was thinking maybe I'd get it in Pomme. However, my bf just got me and MC trouville earlier in the month for my bday and my SA said that the bags are very similar in style.

    Do you think the style looks too similar? And if not which color should I get? I like pomme, but amarante is new which is why I think I'm considering it. It is possible to fall in love with it later, but I want to get another bag this week. I feel like it'll complete my bag shopping for the month, earlier in the week I bought a white spy and a metallic paddington with new lock.

    Any other suggestions welcome :heart:
  2. If you want a summit, I'd go with pomme d'amour because of the fingerprint issue. Even though is a bag, it's a handbag and you will be handling it quite a bit. Plus it's pretty large so getting prints off will be a PITA.

    I'm not sure what I could suggest since there are so many other LV bags that you could get!
  3. I was thinking about the fingerprint issue too, I'm not sure it would bother me tooo much, but I kind of don't like how it just looks like a regular black bag in normal indoor lighting. I like eye catching things :nuts: I have yet to see it in the pomme in person, I think a trip to LV may be in order.
  4. Pomme would look stunning on the Summit!
  5. If you are looking for something eye catching, I would definitely go for the Pomme Summit. I saw it at the store yesterday and it is fabulous. I compared it to the Perle and Amarante, and there's no contest, definitely Pomme.
  6. I saw the Pomme and it is gorgeous!!!!! BUT it's such a bright flashy color and a big depends I guess if you want to be turning heads all the time!
  7. I like the summit it is similar to the trouville that was one of my first thoughts when I saw it. I saw the pearle it is gorgeous but I'm waiting on the pomme one, don't like the amarante colour myself, pomme much prettier.
  8. Voted Pomme Here. :heart:
  9. I have the Amarante Summit Drive and I love it! No problems with the fingerprint issue and I do love the fact that it looks black in inside lighting. When you take it out in the sunshine, it really shines and shows off its beautiful black cherry color! If I didn't already have a Pomme Brentwood, I would seriously consider adding a Pomme Summit, too!
  10. Maybe you wouldn't like it, but have you seen the summit in perle? I think it's really pretty too! But, if you're choosing between amarante and pomme I'd go with the pomme. I don't think the amarante does anything spectacular for that style of bag. Then again, that's just my opinion. Hope you get something great!
  11. From the pics I seen I liked the summit in aramante but I actually seen it IRL yet.
  12. I had no clue the summit came in Pomme...will have to check the vuitton site...pomme is gorgeous and gets my vote....
  13. It would look so gorgeous in Pomme... Stands out much more and wouldn't need to worry about the finger prints as much! :smile:
  14. Either one would be really cute.
  15. Thank you everyone! I think it is definitely more stunning in Pomme :smile: I just got back from LV, unfortunately empty handed. The bf stopped me because of the whole MC trouville thing. However, I am getting another chance tonight since the bf and I are having dinner and there is one in that same hotel. I'm not sure if he'll be able to stop me twice in a day :roflmfao: