Amarante... should i? shouldnt i?

  1. finally after the long wait :p hehe... i got a call this morning from my SA as they are allowed to sell amarante staring today :tup: i rushed to the store at lunch time and almost fainted when i saw the colour IRL !! it is sooooo delicious and i even feel like i can smell cherry by just holding the wallet :graucho:

    i have a look at the sunset boulevard and the french purse.. they are absolutely gorgeous but hang on ... wait.. :wtf: the fingerprints are aboslutly amazing... i never realise you can leave so many fingerprints on vernis.. that probably because i only have the light colour vernis (peppermint and mashmallow) and they do not show the fingerprints as obvious?
    that is a bit annoyed :crybaby: it comes with a dust cloth.. but i dun think i will wipe it everytime i open the wallet :push: our store only has two amarante sunset and two perle sunset.. my dear SA can hold the wallet for me till tomorrow... oooh should i get it.. it is so tempting.. but the fingerprints.. hmmm.. arhhhh
  2. oh btw.. our store has the summit drive... it is bigger than i thought ! it is like a bigger version of priscilla ;) i found it a bit bulky...
  3. I have the 4 key holder and have been using it for the last 3 days and the fingerprints don't bother me to much. maybe because its in my purse most of the time. If you think it will bother you to much maybe you should pass.
  4. Thank you for the information about the summit drive --- this is one bag even my DH wants me to get in Amarante.

    I think you shouldn't worry too much about fingerprints because it may stop you from enjoying the wallet--- at least this is what I tell myself. Haven't seen any Amarante IRL so I can say this. Haha.

    If you love the Amarante wallet and can accept a certain amount of fingerprints, then you can safely assume you'll be happy with the purchase. Good luck!!
  5. Of course you should. This color is too gorgeous to pass up.
  6. ^ gotta love the enablers around here :p
    if you've seen my amarante thread, you know i'm nuts about it. so of course i will also say:

    GET IT!
  7. ichelle i keep looking at your wonderful pics in your other thread :yes: i think you have helped me make up my mind.. i am going to call my SA to let her know i will pick up the baby tonight :graucho:
  8. yayyyyy!!!!! go for it! you're gonna love it!!!!! it is so glam!
  9. Definitely get it!!!! You won't regret it!
  10. Get it... Get it!
  11. Go for it :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  12. its gorgeous, go for it! you can play with it around home for a few days, and if after that time the fingerprints bother you a lot you can return it.
  13. Definitely go for it!!
  14. Post pics when it arrives:graucho:
  15. I think if you don't get it you will totally regret it!