Amarante Reade PM

  1. I was just looking at ELuxury and I so want a ReadePM in AMARANTE....I just love the color. I already have the amarante cles and I don't know if they improved it but I have no trouble with fingerprints on this color like it was first talked about. Could they have put thicker glaze on it. I bought it from Elux.......
    Does anyone have the readePM in AMARANTE? If so how do you like it. I just think it would be a stunning bag for winter.
  2. I love amarante, too. I hesitated to buy though because of the fingerprints. Every piece that I looked at was coved with prints.
  3. I don't but I want one badly lol.
    I do have the Cles and Pegase and love them, it's such a gorgeous color.
  4. i don't have one, but i've seen a girl with it. just glamorous. buy it, and it has a very very affordable price.

    Amarante Pegase? wow.
  5. It's a gorgeous color, I say go for it! I have it in rosewood and the french purse and I love it!
  6. Yup, I was lucky enough to get one, it's so fun to just sit and stare at it lol.
  7. :drool: LVbabydoll, that Pegase is TDF... SOOOOOOO HOT!!! Love it!

    I have the Reade PM myself in both Rouge and Peppermint (mmm...would love the Pegase in Peppermint...if only...)
    It's a nice size of vernis to have, and it holds quite a bit for being a smaller bag since there is no closure on the top-- it is open like a little shopping tote. However it has a nice little zippered pocket inside for keys, money, etc. Can be used either as an evening tote or as a day bag. I love my two Reade PMs! I would get the Amarante one if I were you!! Good luck and post if you get it!!
  8. ^Thanks!

    Oh I LOVE Peppermint too! I have the Bedford, PTI and Pochette wallets in that color. It's so yummy, like frosting!
  9. Have the reade pm in amarante and I love it. I think the size is great and I love the the color. I say get it... its a great bag!
  10. I saw this in the store and I was enchanted by it! Its such a gorgeous color. If you do buy it, you won't regret it! I'm still thinking of the one I saw till this day :smile:
  11. I had one and returned it for the Rosewood, while I love my rosewood I do miss my Reade. It's a great bag and Amarante is gorgeous. Go for it!!!
  12. Heeee my mum just got one today.. I think it's gorgeous and really cute!
  13. Amarante is beautiful and I love the Reade PM! I have one in POMME and it is quite useful!
  14. I was looking at the Reade pictures that other members posted, all the colors are really beautiful but the amarante is the one I want. I bought the fambrose (sp?) agenda and I love the color and the red ludlow wallet.....along with the amarante cles. These are my first vernis pieces and I really love the vernis line. It was not something I really looked at before but I am quite impressed how well they hold up and how beautiful the colors are.... It's like being in a candy store and trying to pick the color you want....
  15. I love mine. I don't find a lot of fingerprints on it since I usually hold it by the handles. See below....