amarante pegase

  1. whats up with getting ahold of an amarante pegase? i hve been out of the loop for a while and my sa is gone from my store and i dont have my pegase!!!!

    for some odd reason, im also having trouble finding info on this site about it too!

    are they still available, what did every body think, did or is elux getting them (never saw them online)

    nice to be back!
  2. Hiya!
    Well i know one member on this forum does have the Amarante pegase and my boutique have the Pomme one but they where suprised they got it because it is very limited.
    I'm not sure if they are that popular though.
    Cause they had the Pomme in and they had it on hold for someone and they where desperate for it but when they saw it they decided it wasnt for them , when i looked at it i could see how it would get so easily scratched .
    But apparently they are very limited, I doubt they will go on Elux but i think the best thing to do would be to call 866 and see if they can find one for you , I'm sure there must be one out there ! Btw the boutique that has the Pomme one is in the UK. Good luck!
  3. They were available by order only, the only piece I ever saw in the store was the Amarante train case. And these will NEVER be available on elux due to the limited availability. Last I had heard, they were sold out already (but I could be wrong).
    I got mine the weekend it came out..I have yet to use it, but I'm planning on using it during my birthday weekend when I go see the Murakami exhibit in LA lol.
  4. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity.......

    i was on a list at two different \stores too! crappola!
  5. How annoying!!
    My SA just kept telling me about it, I wasn't even on a list for it. She just kept calling and when I'd see her, she'd say something like, "Don't forget, if you want the Amarante Pegase, we're getting one in soon!" And then apparently she called when I was in Vegas (end of June) saying it was in and that she'd hold it for me if I wanted and my parents picked it up for me.
  6. Omg Rebecca i never knew you had one!
    it's so pretty! LOL
  7. Rebecca, lucky girl, it is stunning!
  8. Aw thanks! I feel really lucky having one, now I can't wait to use it. It has been sitting in its dustbag for about 2 months. Lol.
  9. OMG it is so pretty! I would NEVER use it so I cannot justify spending the money. Try 1-866, they can most likely locate one for you!
  11. Omg, Rebecca... did you post this when you got it?! It's TDF!
  12. ^Lol yeah I posted it in Mon's thread when she got her Pomme and Amarante ones, I didn't make a topic about it.
    Heh, I just put my updates in my collection thread, mostly.
  13. omgg that's insanely gorgeous. i can't imagine ever using it though cuz of the history of vernis, but gaaaaaawd that's soo pretty.