Amarante or Pomme vernis cles with mono bags

  1. Which color would you go with? I think that maybe Amarante would be better with mono.
  2. Pomme. It packs more of a punch and compliments the browns of the monogram canvas quite well.
  3. Pomme!! looks beautiful with mono, damier, and azur too.
  4. I have Pomme and love it. But I think Amarante would be gorgeous also. I think you should pick the color you love the most because they both would go.
  5. NO doubt Pomme. It gives a nice contrast and Pomme goes with anything.
  6. Either really...but I like pomme more!
  7. Pomme

  8. Bag Fetish,

    I love your little doggie in your Lockit! So cute! The Pomme does look great with the mono.
  9. ^^ thanks
  10. I think either color would be fine! :yes:
  11. Pomme would pack more of a punch definitely, and the Amarante would sit quietly and beautifully...

    It's up to you how much notice you would want the cles to get...

    But both are very good choices! :tup:
  12. I love pomme with it.
  13. Both would look nice, but the pomme makes more of an impact.
  14. Another vote for the pomme.:tup:
  15. I have both and love both. Pomme definitely makes more of a statement and I tend to use my pomme cles more w/my damier bags. Amarante is beautifully understated and looks great w/mono or damier.