Amarante or Pomme?? Tough choice

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Amarante or Pomme Ludlow

  1. Pomme

  2. Amarante

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  1. Hey everyone. Im thinking of getting the Ludlow in either or color. Amarante its new and i just love that deep color , but i have seen some threads with complaining about the finger prints and stuff. And the other choice is Pomme i think the red is so stunning. And this would be my very first Vernis piece so i want to make it special. So please guys help me decide. thanks again all :winkiss:
  2. I voted for Pomme:heart:!
  3. a vote for amarante, besides loving the colour, id rather the fingerprints than permanent stains.
  4. I voted for pomme but good point about the stains. Defintley something to consider.
  5. The pomme ludlow was my first vernis piece- go for pomme!

    Stains?? What stains?
  6. Pomme, I think that is the best Vernis color. It will surely put a smile on your face everytime you see it.
  7. Pomme, it pops out the crowd!
  8. I just received the Pomme Ludlow yesterday as a birthday gift from DH and I love the color and the shine! This color is stunning and it also evokes a happy feeling every time I look at it. Go for it!
  9. My Vote goes to Amarante!
  10. amarante gets my vote~!
  11. Pomme gets my vote.
  12. My vote goes to Pomme just cuz the fingerprints on the Amarante really irked me.
  13. Get the Pomme first since it will be phased out sooner than the Amarante. You have more time to get an Amarante piece later. These two colors are absolutely divine!! Can't decide --- so get both! hehehehe
  14. amarante.
  15. Amarante. I Love the colour and find it more versatile than pomme. =)