Amarante on!!!

  1. we can see the amarante color on!!! the inclusion speedy key ring!!!
    I love this color!!!
  2. they show the inclusion ring, bracelet and cellphone accesory too!!!
  3. I just looked and very nice indeed.
  4. I Just Looked And It Seems Like DARK GRAPE!!! I Like It!!
    I Wait To See How The Bags Look Like
  5. oo i love it!!!!
  6. looks really cute.
  7. It's gorgeous! Last night I kept looking at the rings, the bracelets, and trying to imagine how it will look on bags.
  8. im going right now!
  9. It is beautiful! I think that may be my first vernis color!
  10. it's gorgy!!! :smile:
  11. Thanks for the heads up....

    *runs to LV website*
  12. I saw the colour and love it.I think i will get myself the inclusion bracelet
  13. *Checks site*
  14. wow, it's alot more purple / black than i thought!!!!
  15. Love it, thanks for the info!