amarante on!

  1. I was looking at the cles' and saw amarante in the color choices.. but no picture sadly, what about you?
  2. OH! you can see the small picture of it on the roxbury drive if you search for amarante.
  3. Yah, this color should be interesting. I WLed for the Sunset Blvd. That should be here in a few weeks. Can't wait to see the color IRL.
  4. WAIT! So the color is being released in a couple of weeks?!
  5. Can not wait for this colour to be released! i want to see it irl!
  6. I can't wait to see what everybody gets!!!

  7. The bags are, I WLed for a few bags for June and the Sunset Blvd was one of them. :yes:
  8. ^oooh! i am excited to see the sunset blvd bag IRL!
  9. Huh....I thought the bags weren't coming until fall....ah man...I'm gonna be so broke! I have my June money set aside for the LOVE2 totes already!
    I see the Amarante as more of a fall bag I'll probably put it off until my July or August purchase!
  10. NOOOO! So we have to wait for the accessories?! like the cles? how long would that be?
  11. I didn't pay too much attention to the small leather goods, sorry aarti! I know for sure some of the bags are coming in June.
  12. ooh- can't wait to see amarante on the Pegase IRL!
  13. Oh no! I was hoping for Fall.. Guess I'll have to get it now...
  14. omg what about the heart purse i wnat it sooo bad. ohh and i got a nail polish in that colour, sooo hot!
  15. on the french web site they said that it's available!!!