Amarante Ludlow and Cles *PICS*

  1. Ok please bare with me as I have never done this before and I'm sorry if it doesn't work! My amarante pieces arrived today and I thought a few more pics on the board may help people to picture what the pieces are like... really hope this works!
    DSC01703.JPG DSC01697.JPG DSC01696.JPG DSC01695.JPG DSC01702.JPG
  2. wow! it is gorgeous!
  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pic!
  4. Wow, those pics are amazing!! It reminds me of grape juice if you hold it up to the light! Congrats on your gorgeous new pieces!!!
  5. woowwww!!! the color is just amazing!!! congrats!!!
  6. thanks guys - just one other thing - they came with an LV duster!!! I guess to wipe away the finger print smudges.
  7. WOW.... I love It:drool:
  8. Congrats!! Thanks for posting pics :smile: they are soo pretty !!
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, they look amazing!
  10. so pretty. congrats!
  11. WooW !
    Congrats on your Amarantes.. and thank you for sharing the pics.
  12. Very pretty!! I love how the "LV" are very subtle this time.. :biggrin:
  13. WOW beautiful. I love how the deep purple looks.... WOW its breath taking..
  14. I LOVE them - thank you for posting the pics.
    Can you tell me if the Vernis has sparkle to it or is it more flat looking?
  15. Fab! Thank you so much!