Amarante Lexus!

  1. Today when I went to London Drugs, I saw the same car as me except in the Amarante Colour! It was dark purple and under the sun it looked sparkly reddish purple! I was like :drool:.
  2.! were there a lot of fingerprints on it? ;)
  3. :roflmfao: No, no fingerprints!
  4. Lol Oo sounds pretty!:drool:
  5. lol cute!
  6. Under the sun the colour looked exactly like Amarante vernis in pics taken with flash!
  7. Yeah I would say in paint color its most likely black cherry :smile:
  8. Toyota also makes a nice amarante color. I've been seeing them on the highway and telling my husband, "Wow, look at that amarante car!" LOL
  9. Lol sounds pretty.
  10. Aww.. I haven't seen one yet !
  11. sounds really nice.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. wow! sounds cute!
  14. Yea I like that about Lexus ... they include metallic finishes. You would think you pay alot for a MB and get more in quality! LIARS!
  15. It sounds so nice.