amarante leather wallet...fingerprints???

  1. Hi, i went into louis vuitton today and saw this beautiful wallet, its the cherry black (amarante??) but when i held it i realized holy s*** every fingerprint shows, but i still love it! do you think i'll get sick of the fingerprints?? and people that have it, how bad is it really ?? thanks
  2. in vernis leather
  3. You can always wipe them off easily. :yes:
  4. lol, true
  5. I was going to get a wallet in this color but decided against it because of the fingerprints issue. It is a beautiful color though. Oh, but I'm on the waitlist for the inclusion bangle.
  6. Lol a lot of people had the same problem when Pomme first came out..but I think if you love it enough it won't be much of a problem. It happens to my Framboise Houston, Pomme heart and my Fuchsia Lexington/wallets but I love the colors so much that I overlook the fingerprints and just wipe them off when I see them. :heart:
  7. thanks you guys, i think you sold me on it!
  8. I NEED to see the Amarante ! I'm not to bothered about finger print marks as long as they come off easily
    So is Amarante out like everywere now?
  9. I'm concerned about this issue too, having no vernis items in my collection...never actually touched anything but handles on a dark vernis bag in store either!
  10. I agree with Rebecca, it was like that with my pomme but I got used to it. not its like I just don't care. I use it and enjoy it,.
  11. it shouldn't be. official launch date is the 15th and my SA is supposed to give me a call when my sunset blvd comes in!

  12. they're super easy to wipe off with the cleaning cloth that comes with the amarante pieces :smile: i saw them all yesterday when i went to choose the pieces i wanted and all of them come with cleaning cloths! the manager said LV did that since the color is dark and will show fingerprints more :drool:
  13. I saw it in person (sunset boulevard) so it's in some stores already, but she coudln't sell it to me before the 15th.
  14. i don't care. it wipes clean and is fantastic to look at!
  15. I bought a wallet in Amarante, but returned it as the fingerprints were a nightmare, and I was wiping the wallet every time I touched it:sad: