Amarante is permanent!

  1. Hi all - just spoke w/the manager of one of my favorite boutiques, she told me not to worry about amarante selling out, the color is part of the permanent collection. Just wanted to let everybody at tpf know.
  2. Really?? :confused1: I thought all vernis colours usually stick around for 6 months - 1 year and that's about it. There really hasn't been a 100% permanent Vernis colour...
  3. ^^She told me permanent, and her info is usually right on the money. Maybe another SA or manager can confirm this?
  4. damnit! why amarante :confused1: why not framboise or something?? :crybaby:
  5. my SA told me that its like any other vernis color. i'm hoping its permanent though, that would be nice! :smile:
  6. I do remember someone else mentioning their SA said it was permanent, but I don't see why it should be any different to other lines/colours?
  7. Huh...that's weird. Maybe it's an extended color like Framboise that's been around for a long period of opposed to Pomme which is only 6 months.
  8. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. I was told all vernis colors have a short life, one to two years at most.
  10. ^then i guess amarante is staying for 2 years..?
  11. thats so strange , my sa who is the manager of the boutique said it was a very limited run. Why dont they ever have consistency?
  12. ^^ Yeah, that inconsistency with all SA's really bugs me too! An SA told me last Friday that it was definitely permanent, but I don't take her word for it! This week I'll be going to the boutique again when my usual SA is in again, and I'll ask her about it. I can't imagine amarante being permanent, I don't think any vernis colour is...
  13. ^^Same here, my SA said it would be discontinued by February.
  14. Ahhh! The inconsistency is so frustrating! Thank goodness we have tpf to bounce our info off of one another in an effort to come up with a legit consensus!
  15. Maybe they tell us it's limited so we will all rush to go and buy more ::upsidedown: