Amarante is not black

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  1. So the question is, does it really go with all black?
    And since it's not black, it's kinda tricky to pair it with other colours too eh? I love the colour, but I'm just not sure how it goes with anything other than purplish/reddish clothes.

    The Pomme was easy for me because it's red, and red is supposed to 'pop' if ya know what I mean. Is the Amarante supposed to pop or is it supposed to be understated like black, but then it doesn't blend in with black, KWIM? Have I confused anybody besides myself? lol...maybe it's the cold meds talking...
  2. ^^ i know, i understand what you mean, i felt the same too... to me, purple seems doesnt go well with black coz it will be black-black, either you cant notice the bag or the clothes, KWIM :P... but i think i'll still get the amarante, maybe i'll only wear it with blue/white/flower-green/pink floral dress and jeans.
  3. I don't think so. Honestly, this isn't really much of a purple. While it looks black when you look at it straight on, it's more of a dark black cherry color when the light hits it so I think it'll go great with a lot of different colors!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'm still thinking over the Amarante, so I really appreciate different views about it :smile:
  5. I think it's a great accent against black and a brillant color against gold, brown, greens, navy... jmo
  6. IMO any colour goes well with black, the amarante would be a nice little touch to a black outfit
  7. i think it would look nice. i have a coach purse that's a dark purple and i would wear it with black. amarante is probably a little darker than my coach, but i'd probably still wear it with black. i think the maroon/purple undertones would look really nice with it. plus anything black/purple/maroon i think looks hot together. but we'll find out!
  8. i think it would even look good against azur. but that's just my opinion. i like it so i will probably get a piece at some point. :smile:
  9. My SA called it "brown" :wtf: But it's clearly not brown. I think.
  10. I don't think it'll be hard to match it to anything!
  11. Vuittonamour- I wonder if we have the same Coach bag! I have the patent leather Gallery Tote in mahogany- it's like a deep burgundy/brown/a little reddish in sunlight. I wear it with black all the time, and pretty much any other color, it goes great. The amarante looks similar to me, but a little more on the "grapey" side, so I think I'll have to see it IRL before I can decide if it would go well with a lot of colors.
  12. This is the best description I have heard so far.

    I think because the color is so dark that it will go with a ton of outfits.

    I like makeupmama's idea of pairing it with the Azur... that sounds delicious!
  13. I would definitely hang a cles on my azur speedy, but if I got something larger, say a Reade PM, I would wear it with white, beige, gold, any shade of tan, blue shades, and probably black, but not all black (i'm thinking jeans and a nice black top).
  14. Hmmm I haven't seen it in real life yet... I think I'll judge it when I finally see it!
  15. I think it will look great with most color including black.