Amarante, is it to dressy?

  1. I am seriously considering purchasing a reade pm in Amarante. But being that I'm a stay at home mom, do you think its to elegant to carry on a daily basis? My normal attire is casual (shorts & tank tops). I have a lavender and rouge reade pm and the only time I use them are to go out in the evening with no kids. I've already purchased the key holder just so I could have something in this beautiful color. Should I or shouldn't I :wondering. Thanks for your help.
  2. I Totally think you should get it! i don't think it's any more dressy then any other vernis colour ! i plan on getting a vernis bag for day time.
    So get it!!
  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Amarante Sunset Blvd. tomorrow, but I've already justified it by turning it into a wallet and use it as a purse when it's just me (no kids to carry candy, bottles, etc).

    It may look dressy, but you should see Ghost's pics of her Sunset that she posted in her thread:

    It may help you picture the Amarante color.
    Good Luck!
  4. I have been waiting to buy a reade PM for a very long time but there always be another bag that I ended up buying before it. Anyway, I think it goes well with a casual style. Both Pomme and Amarante are a very stunning color!!
  5. Go for it! I think vernis is great because it easily can go day and night!
  6. I think the reade is versitile. It can be used for both purposes. I think the sunset is more for dressed up jeans with hot boots. (I don't know why I keep envisioning this:graucho:) Also...what about the Houston? I have been really thinking about this bag as well. I think it too could be dressed up or down. I think the reade would suit your style:yes:
  7. I think its totally fine for all purposes- not too dressy at all!
  8. :heart: the Reade PM! It's a very understated petite tote and will not overwhelm you day or night. Get it!
  9. Nope, nothing is too dressy if you wear it with jeans and a cute tee. That's how I'm planning on using mine.
  10. I know what your saying, I bought the Roxbury in Pomme and I can stare at it all day and love it, but sometimes I feel silly as it seems so dressy. However, the fact that I love it so much is forcing me to just "get over it" and use her!
  11. I think it will work fine because of the leather handles, I think if it were chain handles it might be a bit to dressy.
  12. I think that the amarante as the color of a Reade PM is perfect -- the color would make it slightly dressier while the laid-back and simple style of the tote makes it a little bit more dressed down -- so you can use the bag for both everyday and dressy occasions. Go for it!
  13. i think the reade is perfect for daily use and i would totally be rocking it in casual clothes. if i got it, that's how i would wear it too!
  14. I think it depends on the piece. I actually think that the reade is pretty casual.
  15. I would get it.