Amarante Inclusions & LVOE Shoes are now in the store

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  1. The Amarante Inclusion are now in store . Saw them in real life today, unfortunately, they only have the ring and the speedy keychain. However, the color is a lot darker than it was being show on the site I would say it is closer to brown. I ordered my bracelet and hopefully I will be getting it soon

    Saw this super duper cute new LVOE mules /slides .. I put them on hold since I am not sure which color to pick .. since it is canvas and it seems like it will get dirty easily so I am having a hard time deciding whether I should get the black one or the beige navy. what do u guys think?
  2. Oooh, brown hmm?
    I'll have to see this in person!
  3. You should hee go check out the LVOE mules too is so cute.. I read your messages and threads I assume that u are in HK too.. ! Heeee.. go go check it out @ your nearest LV !!
  4. Thanks for the info, I hope the bracelet reaches the Melb stores soon :yes:
  5. Yes, I saw them, and they were so dangerously tempting...argghh!
  6. I know which one do u think is cuter ? The black one or the white one ? do u like the new inclusions ?
  7. oh i can't wait for thursday! going to lv champagne and to see stuff!
  8. We haven't gotten any amarante stuff yet. They think maybe sometime in June...
  9. Are the shoes comfy Crazy Shopper?
  10. I love both...haha. I think the beige ones are cuter but black would be better since they won't get dirty as easily. I loveee the beige heels...

    TFFC, i had the shoes on for only a couple minutes but they were okay. I guess you can't tell whether they're comfy or not unless you've worn them for a full day.
  11. ^^ Thanks for that Karman. I'd like beige shoes to go with the beige bag, but of course, you can never have too many black shoes...can you? :P
  12. It is the cutest shoe ever.. I personally think is pretty comfy ... heee .. I have a pretty wide feet so i guess if i could fit in ... it should be pretty comfy for a lot of ladies out there !!

    I am still deciding between the beige and the black cos the beige seems to get dirty easily ..... it is so hard to pick .. !!
  13. I have wide size 8.5 feet and I fit into the size 38 heels. They fit quite nicely, too.
  14. thanks for sharing your findings. i think i have to swing by my store. :graucho: