Amarante inclusion release date in US??

  1. Anyone know when the inclusion pieces will be out? Before July 1, I hope...

    And should I put myself on a waitlist now?
  2. My SA at Saks called me yesterday, my amarante barrette is in. Check your stores. Good luck!
  3. I just spoke with someone at LV Union Sq and was told they got amarante inclusion in today! I'll be picking up my bracelet tomorrow! :yahoo:
  4. Ooh! I can't wait to see these...I'll be in SF tomorrow too :biggrin:
  5. Century City has it, too! It seems like the Amarante Inclusions are a world-wide release!
  6. They are in!! I tried on the MM size, but needed the PM. Wow --- these look hot!! This is the first time I have even entertained the thought of getting an inclusion bracelet!
  7. has anyone seen the inclusion hair cubes in amarante. it seems like those come in much later than the bracelets.
  8. Yep- elux got them early but the official release date was today.
  9. Century City and Rodeo Dr. were selling their Amarante pieces, but when I went to the Beverly Ctr. today, they had a sign saying that Amarante was for sale on July 1. Weird, huh?