Amarante inclusion products

  1. I went to LV boutique today and saw the info sheet for Amarante inclusion products. The color is dark brown and very similar to black. They will come out in June. Also, the Pomme D' Amour inclusion bracelet will come in both PM and GM. I put my name down for PM. I can't wait until Feb 1st!!!!
  2. exciting! :yahoo:I need to stop by the boutique soon...
  3. Thanks for the info..I can't wait!
  4. Any pics? :nuts:
  5. Me, too! It's been so long. 2 whole weeks! Hehe.
  6. they have candy apple red inclusion!
    you guys have NO IDEA how hard it is to have all of this money saved up for the car of your dreams, and live with all of these new lvs and stuff!
    its an even harder version of a purse ban!
  7. :roflmfao:

    I was about to say I have you beat (3 weeks here!) but I forgot that I stopped by last Friday before having dinner at CPK :shame: My SA wasn't in and I didn't see anything interesting on it was an uneventful trip, haha.
  8. Cool..they come in GM and PM..please sneak some pics
  9. That's nice that they're having both GM and PM for the Pomme! I'm not a red person doesn't sound like I'll be getting it.

    The amarante...brown??? I hope it's more of a darker berry colour amaranth colour and not actually brown...brown doesn't sound too interesting. I'll ask about it next time I'm there June means I'll be able to afford it then!!
  10. I wanted a red bracelet and now they'll have one!!! Yeah!! I want both new colors when they become available!! Can't wait!!!

  11. Lol it has been a couple of days for me also...and same here, I didn't see anything interesting. :lol:
  12. When are the new inclusion colors scheduled to be released? :nuts: I'd like to get on the list for the pomme d'amour.
  13. ^^ Pomme Feb 1, Amarante in June apparently

    I wish they'd come out with another light pink...although I doubt it :sad:
  14. Thanks, karman :smile: Looks like I won't be getting the pomme inclusion bracelet, since I'm getting the heart - it's either one or the other :p I'll have to see what the amarante looks like, I'm not much of a purple person.
  15. Why no pomme???? Edit - I think I need to learn to read more carefully! LOL but you should get the inclusion to match, no? :graucho:
    I'd love the see the Amarante too. I'm hoping the look book pics are crappy and IRL it's actually a rich, deep, beautiful colour...unless it's a really pretty shade of brown (like...uhhh..dark chocolate brown)